Barranco’s Place globalizes both artistic and social action in a deep enriched way through a powerful creative work. Each project that the multifaceted artist Susanna Barranco devises and produces supported by many others multidisciplinary stage artists is brought together in Barranco’s Place wide open to realities as much as high challenging creative work. It all comes to one on seeing both Social and Characters Documentaries, on the afterwards Workshops and Talks, on all Learning Theatre, and on the Theatre Productions she direct and perform being that, Barranco’s more beloved projection of herself since it approaches her straightforward to the audiences.


La Barranco Films

LaBarrancoFilms is an independent audiovisual producer located in Barcelona dedicated to the production of documentaries. The producer was born in 2008 after the push and the leadership of the creator Susanna Barranco. LaBarrancoFilms has produced different documentaries always linked to social impact issues such as gender violence, disability or migration in youth, as well as documentaries linked to characters that, for any reason, have stood out in our society. LaBarrancoFilms bets on the direct, sincere and close shooting with the desire to bring the genre of documentary to all types of public and to reveal hidden realities with veracity, without leaving aside the creativity.



Mousiké strongly bases its artistic works on social meaningful path. Its aiming on both theatre productions and Documentaries is to be able to touch our community in all senses; that’s to say inclusion difficulties for disability (Disability) people, Genre’s Violence, kids and eldest on now days society, as much as the care of the environment on protecting it. Mousiké offers: Discussions’ workshops about social subjects. Watching all LaBarrancoFilms documentaries followed by talks and workshops about its social subjects. Workshops based on writing praxis & creative meanings at High School about all social subjects.


La Maquineta Produccions

We are a young people’s Theatre producers committed to approach theatre into school. We are distinguished by been concerned about Music as much as English; we also offer learning materials. Literary training is as well on our front page work since all we produce are new plays. We offer an interdisciplinary & interactive theatre that engage the students taking special care of the particularity that each level might need. All our plays include a value to be developed; in that sense we’ve figured out a students’ competition: Draw your value! We challenge you to draw a thoughtful value! You’ll win a books’ lot.


Companyia Susanna Barranco

Aiming to reach regular staging, in 1999 was born Susanna Barranco’s Theatre Company sided by different stage artists. Many shows have been seen in Barcelona since then, amongst others: Mossegades (2005); L'amor no fa mal (2009); Massa tard per ser pessimista (2013), and Accions de Resistència (2018). Susanna Barranco’s Theatre productions include a strong personal print foot imbuing multidisciplinary stage works. In that sense, both visual and thematic plot powerfully come together on its shows. Susanna Barranco’s acting and directing is being taken professionally on a personal improvement in the same way it’s a commitment into now day’s world, standing up as woman as much as an artist.

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