Too late to be a pessimist (2013)

Too late to be a pessimist is a show that reflects on loneliness in company. The montage shows the society we live in and the increasingly fierce individualism.

Love Doesn’t Hurt (2009)

Strong, upright women fighting adversities.

Letters from Salzburg (2006)

Mozart the musician, Mozart the man.

Bites (2005)

Desire is more powerful than wisdom.

Dali’s Moustache (2004)

Music, dance and dramatisation portray Salvador Dalí’s thinking.

The Poets of Death (2004)


The Lost Key (2001)

A play inspired in philosophical stories from around the world.

Irritating Noises (2001)

The young, beautiful weaver with a great personality who challenges Athena, the Greek goddess of wisdom.

Mousiké (1999)

Poetry and music unite on stage to deal with the topic of the lack of affection.

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