Breathe (2019)


Breathe is a documentary structured out of the personal relationship between the female inmates of the penitentiary of Can Brians 1. The documentary also intends to reveal the bond these women have with prison and the space that it delimits it. The film will have a connecting thread settled by the creation of a theatrical production which will serve as the common goal to achieve between the inmates. Breathe is created with the objective of allowing female prisoners to express their feeling through the production of a cultural project which they will be a part of.




From Knee to Heart (2018)


From knee to heart (2018) is a documentary about the dancer Sol Picó. From the dancer under the spotlight to her reality behind the scenes, the documentary approaches Sol Pico’s daily life at a crucial moment in her career after winning the National Dance Award.
The strength of her movement, but also the fineness of the rhythmic changes of her dance, forms a very personal language which links contemporary dance with elements of other worlds, creating, in this way, an own and particular iconography with sense of humour always in mind. The documentary will also go across Sol Picó’s artistic career, from the beginning of her performance, to the street theatre and, finally, her artistic consolidation and the creation of her own company. Her work is characterized by showing a strong and brave woman but who is not afraid of showing her weaknesses without taboos. The project also brings the artist’s more personal side closer: the difficulties of growing up as a dancer, the difficulties of creation and how to face her career after turning 50.




Nude (2017)


Nude is a documentary project that delves again into the perspective of gender, thinking over the position of women in a field as broad and ambiguous as prostitution, from a raw, intimate and delicate view, from the honesty of testimonies that break their silence and show themselves beyond their skin.
Faced with the indignation of a group that demands their rights as sex workers and a dual society accessing their services but turning their back on them, what the political and social red lines which this group faces are.
From Barcelona, one of the meccas of illegal prostitution in Europe, we will travel to the city of Amsterdam to observe the functioning of a regulated sector with the aim of answering the questions of a global phenomenon.Awarded with the honorable mention of the VI Premi Josep M. Planes attributed by the “Col·legi de Periodistes de Catalunya”.




Teresa Rebull. Uprooted soul (2016)


Ànima desterrada (Uprooted Soul) is a documentary about politics and art but also about exile and life. The film explores the figure of Teresa Rebull from different angles: as a politician and activist, as an artist, singer and painter, and also as a person. Ànima desterrada (Uprooted soul) is a tribute to life and the struggle for one’s ideas, a portrait of a strong, determined woman, with great charisma, and with her own way of thinking.




Fallen from the nest (2015)


Fallen from the nest explores the lives of different young immigrants who came to Barcelona. The documentary is a journey from their origin to the present and tells the experience of traveling, the first experience without the family and the reality of the family in their native country. A portrait of the youth, their concerns, their desires and hopes, and the difficulties to start a new life.
The documentary was premiered at Filmoteca de Catalunya and was showed for two months at Girona Cinemas in Barcelona with the participation of several organizations such as Amnesty International, SOS Racism, Save the Children or Sant Pere Claver Foundation.

Special Mention best audiovisual award of the city council of Barcelona: Consell Municipal de Benestar social de l’Ajuntament de Barcelona. Premi als Mitjans de Comunicació audiovisuals (2017).




In Jonc’s Silence (2013)


In Jonc’s Silence explores the everyday lives of different people of all ages with intellectual disabilities. They allow us to see their daily lives. Along with these testimonies, we have also contacted several specialists who speak from a professional viewpoint on intellectual disabilities. Finally, the documentary is complete with various artistic scenes in which personalities like Sol Pico, Ferran Carvajal, philosopher and writer Rafael Argullol, the clown Jango Edwards and musical groups Fundación Tony Manero and Vetusta Morla collaborate.
This structure aims to combine different languages and forms of discourse: theoretical, experiential and artistic, with the desire to reflect on the difference and with the conviction that art can be a way to stop the difference from being different.

Premi Civisme de la Generalitat de Catalunya (2014).




Voids (2011)


The project of documentary Voids was conceived as a way to offer a perspective about domestic violence which is often unknown to most people -the one from the aggressors themselves.
After the making of documentary Wounds, which focused on mistreated women, this project tries to contribute extra features to the view of the problem by giving a voice to those men who lived this situation. They share what they witnessed and become self-conscious about their own experiences and their future.




Wounds (2009)


Wounds is the result of an on-field project with women and transsexual people about domestic violence. This audiovisual project intends to show how violence against women is violence against everything the aggressor considers inferior, everything which, in fact, represents womanliness. The narrative thread created by actress and poet Susanna Barranco is combined with the appearance of women whose interviews offer the audience a picture of how they face life and their memories, what love has meant to them and what it means to them now, what they think about their aggressor… Thus, Wounds presents a patchwork about humankind being struck by aggressive sexist stereotypes and claims the dignity of every woman.





I Am Part of your World (2008)


Many of us women had to walk apart from this world to journey by ourselves, to change our gender.
The journey has sometimes been hard, I’m sure about it.
Now I want to be treated with respect. Now I would like you to respect my identity. Do not make me feel bad about my physical changes, that’s not your business. Your world and mine should be the same. I am part pf your world.


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