The Highway of Love

Uma has just left her job as a cashier and her husband, a negative man who had stolen her joy of live. She leaves her city on a secret mission, mounted on the only thing she has: an old Vespa. inherited on her father's death.
On her journey she intends to revive her heart as she explores the secrets of love. From Barcelona to Paris with every kilometre and every experience she will be leaving the past behind while she learns the ways of the heart. What Uma does not know is that at the end of this journey full of sound advice, surprises and revelations, a big test, a real revalidation to love again is waiting for her.

Tell Me Something Pleasant

Ever since the Greek and Roman ages, we meet friends and family at feasts to celebrate the most important days of our lives and we give presents to each other. Some of these celebrations are, as professor Josep Mª Fericgla calls them, real “rites of passage”, just like baptism or the first communion, a celebration where children used to get a watch as a present to symbolise that they were responsible for their own time from that moment on.
Are human beings ritualistic by nature? Just think about the complicated Japanese tea ceremony, or the little symbolic actions we do to the people we love. We all have received different kinds of presents in our lives which end up somewhere in a drawer or a shelf. But we do keep in our minds the moving words that were spoken at the time.
This book deals exactly with that kind of present, the spoken word, which is subtitle and powerful since we live in a world that is made up of language to a great deal. It was meant for those people who don’t want to connect their thoughts to a religion. The messages are universal and appropriate for each event, so the reader can choose the one that best fits the idea of celebration.
I have known the author, Susanna Barranco, for almost a decade and I can say that she is an extraordinary toastmistress. She is a director and a stage actress, she is also a dramatist and a poet. She has published the poetry book Cràter in Catalan, she has a special talent to immortalise a celebration or act.
I remember one of her last plays, Mossegades, where the audience were asked to write a wish on a piece of paper. At the end of the show, papers were burnt on the street in a magic and delicate ritual.
This artist of gestures and words has put all of her “savoir faire” on the anthology of secular celebrations that you have in your hands. In this book, you will find texts to call your guests’ emotions, but also useful tips about clothing, music, flowers... in other words, the ideal representation which will turn your celebration into an unforgettable one.
The person who writes this introduction wouldn’t like to sound ceremonious when it comes to presenting a practical book about ceremonies, so I will stop this introduction right here.
You are now in good hands.


“Crater”, poetry book

Your presence persists
inside me.
And I feel, indolent, the caress just
like the wave drags
And you, satisfied, admire
the awakening of a new

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