13 Roses

At the end of the Spanish Civil War, the winning forces try to legitimate their power by fighting against those who gave support to the Republic. It is a time of informers, torture, fear, hate, revenge... This atmosphere of terror favoured by Franco’s repression will lead to thousands of people arrested. Among them, there were thirteen girls, most of them underaged, who were unjustly condemned to death. Right after their execution, one of the prisoners who had lived with them in prison wrote a poem: "Thirteen Roses have been snapped off the eternal rose tree…". Thirteen Roses is how everyone called them ever since. The voice of the people, of the land, of the blood keeps this story alive.


Scenic design: Rinat Etshak
Music and singer: Narcís Laguarda
Stage clothes: Teresa Sil
Lighting designer: Paula Miranda
Props: Fran Cruz
Characterisation: Toni Santos
Sound: Laura Teruel
Voice-over: Anabel Moreno
Lighting: Cristina Eujen
Grip: Julián Hill
Stage construction: Tero Guzmán
Executive producer: Karel Mena
Photography: Soledad Corna
Original song Trece rosas: Vinos Chueca


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