In Leon, Spain, on the 30th of December, 1808, Napoleon’s troops occupying the Iberian Peninsula come into San Isidoro’s royal pantheon and desecrate the tombs where the remains of the old Leonese kings rest. A choir of Augustine nuns calls the rage of God. But the spirit of Queen Sancha will be touched and it awakes. She revives her life both as a woman and queen. It starts in a hectic early morning in Betanzos when she is a young girl. She escapes from a horde of Normans who are plundering the ria and it ends when she dies in Leon, worried that her children may eventually fight over the kingdom, a quarrel which is about to take place. For almost two epic hours, Sancha revives her life’s main episodes on the stage: the killing of her fiancée, count-infante Don García of Castile, the bloody battle against her brother king Vermudo III of Leon, the reign with her husband Ferdinand I over Leon, Castile and Navarre, her determination to survive, her shrewdness, her interests. The historical events from that fascinating 11th century follow one another before the audience’s eyes. But not only the battles and the conspirations, but also the passion for life, the deep psychology of those men and women, the ambition and the blind power of fate fill the historical facts with uncertainty.

AUTHOR: Antonia Bueno
DIRECTOR: Eva Hibernia


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