Resistance Actions

Resistance Actions shows the dystopia of a possible future society, where being born, living, working and dying become one more piece of mercantile exchange. In the play, the documentary creation, the scenic space and the text are mixed, creating an atmosphere that is situated between reality and fiction.
Resistance Actions is a critique and a reflection on the uncertainty to which we are subjected, and on the type of economic system that we inhabit and make grow. It is a critique of the mercantile order through four actions of resistance: giving birth, walking, not producing and dying. In a society guided by capital, resistance to imposed rules can help create bonds of reciprocity between us.

Direction: Susanna Barranco
Text and advice direction: Marta Galán
Interpretation Coaching and direction assistant: Núria Badia
Interpretation: Susanna Barranco
Documentary video: Susanna Barranco
Documentary video assistant: Txell Casas
Video postproduction: Juan Morales
Battery and sound: Cristian Mira
Lighting: Ana Rovira
Piano composition: Jofre Horta
Smells musical base: Asow
Quaiets musical base: Amat Mira
Production: Cia. Susanna Barranco
Production assistants: Dolors Galí and Sílvia Girmé
Video documentary production: La Barranco Films
Design: Aura Torné
With the support of Mousiké and OSIC (Suport Office to the Cultural Initiative).

Thanks to Lucero Elizalde, Marta Monblant, Rosa Bigas, Quique Usobiaga, Javier Cantero, Charo Barral, Elisa Herrera, Gabi Oyarzábal, Andreu Renau, Mireia Girmé.


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