Resistance Actions

Resistance actions shows a possible future society, where being a womb daughter means an act of rebellion. A play that claims life and death above all things. An indictement and a reflexion about uncertainty from which we are subjected to, an indictement and a reflexion about the type of system in which we live and where we've grown.
We live in a society where everything is quantified, qualified y valued under the settings of productivity. Where we've lost our way: to breed, suffer, enjoy and even dare to live in danger get to be resistance actions. That is why that in a society which has capital as its central axis, the subversion of the imposed rules can contribute to create bonds between all of us.

Reciprocity, contemplation, decline, ...

Production:Cia Susanna Barranco and Mousiké
Stagecraft: Susanna Barranco
Co-Stagecraft: Núria Badia
Interpretation: Susanna Barranco
Text: Marta Galán
Drums: Cristian Mira


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