Dali’s Moustache

Susanna Barranco and Dani Zapater feature this show in which they let us see part of Salvador Dali’s way of thinking and creative spirit. Through the words he himself left on a number of works, we journey through the peculiar though absolutely logical universe of his thinking. The show deals with Dali as a human being and as an artist, his art, the society in which he lived, his paranoiac-critical method, the creative process, Gala and love. The performance moves around the dramatisation of the recited word, trumpet music and dance.

Premiere: 28th of November, 2004. Nau Ivanow.
2004. Tour for Diputació de Barcelona.


Script: José María de la Fuente and Susanna Barranco.
Interpreters: Susanna Barranco and Dani Zapater.


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