Irritating Noises

The play is based on the classical myth of Arachne, a young, beautiful weaver with a great personality who challenges Athena, the Greek goddess of wisdom. This confrontation leads to Arachne’s suicide and Athena ultimately turns her into a spider. The story holds up in time to give way to four parallel scenes set in the future. This way, Arachne’s suicide is compared to nowadays’ problem of homeless people. We see the character’s reaction to an extreme situation like that of Arachne’s and the strength it takes for him to face it even if he is aware of the consequences.

Premiere: 2001. Teatre Artenbrut’s season.


Created by: Susanna Barranco
Script: José María de la Fuente and Susanna Barranco
Actresses’ direction: Jordi Purtí
Actresses: Susanna Barranco, Pepita Alguersuari and Rosalía Cervià
Music: Dani Zapater
Scenic design and video: Chan Canelo
Lighting: Mario Luque
Stage clothes: Pilar Blas
Executive producer: Yolanda Díaz


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