The Lost Key

If we can’t find the object we’re looking for, we might find something else. However, we’ll find nothing in the darkness. This play is inspired in philosophical stories from around the world. They tell us about naivety, including stupidity and extreme foolishness as a way to “doubt about things, to reinforce or break the law, to improve or corrupt our family and social links, to confuse politics, to provoke the insatiable from far beyond…"
Two characters live in the same eternal space and time. A lost key will cause a number of conversations, findings and losses that will enable them to understand why things are the way they are. The two characters interact on a two-level stage: the one on the higher level is ready to fly while the one on the lower level has a tendency to lie down.

Created by: Susanna Barranco and Jon Davidson
Performed by: Susanna Barranco and Txus Martínez. Sala Abaixadors (2001). Teatre Malic (2002).


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