Love Doesn’t Hurt

A young woman sees her life is radically changing as mistreatment invades her family environment. For this reason, she will have to engage in a intimate journey towards courage in order to reinvent herself. The play’s contemporary format includes different scenic resources such as dramaturgy, dance, live music and audiovisual projections that show the filmed statements of mistreated women (taken from Susanna Barranco’s documentary Wounds) interacting with the characters on stage. The show moves while avoiding a victim mentality and presents strong, upright women fighting adversities.
Premiere: 2009. Espai Francesca Bonnemaison.
Production: Associació Teatral Mousiké
Idea, creation and direction: Susanna Barranco
Texts: José María de la Fuente (Except for "Ets la llum de la meva vida", by Laura Freijo)
Dramaturgy: Susanna Barranco
Direction assistant: Lucila Teste
Music production: Niko Belher
Original music: Francesc Miralles and Jordi Claret
Actress: Susanna Barranco
Actor: Agustí Sallehí
Music: Jordi Claret
Audiovisual Editing: Juan Morales Calvo and Pau Simón
Stage clothes: Patrícia Plaja
Lighting design: Amanda López
Sound and video: Niko Belher
Choreography advising: Sol Picó and Montse Iranzo
Executive producers: Montserrat Casanovas and Juan Pedro Diotaiuti


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