Too late to be a pessimist

Too late to be a pessimist is a show that reflects on loneliness in company. The montage shows the society we live in and the increasingly fierce individualism.
The world has been devastated, there is nothing left, only a desolate, icy, cold scene. In this desolate landscape only a woman appears, Nadia, who remembers her previous life in a city full of people.
Too late to be a pessimist is a theatrical creation to research the use of the body as a physical, emotional and intellectual tool, where the word is incarnate in the performance space and the expression of the actress.
The music, the sound space and images are an essential part of this show.

Creation: Susanna Barranco
Direction: Susanna Barranco and Cristina Lügstenmann
Dramaturgy: Susanna Barranco and Laura Freijo
Texts: Laura Freijo
Actress: Susanna Barranco
Original music: Melodonia
Music: Cristian Mira, Miguel Bouroubat and Pirs
Voice: Imma Colomer
Stage clothes: Cia. Susanna Barranco
Audiovisual editing: Pirs
Lighting design: David del Olmo
Photography: Marc Bartomeus
Production: Associació teatral Mousiké and Elisabeth Ruiz
Production assistant: Sílvia Girmé
Choreography advising: Sol Picó
Colaboration: Teresa Urroz
Thanks: Daphne Malherbe, Pau Roig, Edith Lasierra, Marta Paretas and Olga Blanco


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