Desire makes me human.

I am not desire but I am what I am thanks to my desires. I experience desire as a part of my senses, as an extension of my own self where everything merges: smell, memories, touch, needs, taste, survival, images, games, pleasure, fear… Bites is a mosaic of these sensations and longings.

As a woman, I search among the forms of my desire. And I find a broad and bright desire without an answer or a reproach.
As an interpreter, I play with the different forms of desire as a brave adventurer. I become the narrative thread of a destiny that becomes a finding. And I shout “I’m hungry!” in a hundred different ways, my hunger, always unsatisfied, thus becoming the leitmotif of a never ending road that ends up being a show. I am Eva, the woman, and I am not alone. A silent and uncomfortable alter ego stands by me on the stage. A mannequin, a synthetic, tridimensional mirror of flesh and bones observes me like a forgiving saint who accepts her devotee’s offerings and eccentricities. Everything authentic is absurd, funny and tragical, but, above all, it is surprising. Mossegades is, too, surprising by means of a surrealist game of images that are explained beyond what we can see. The language of persuasion. Gesture, dance and clown end up uniting this journey throughout the source of emotions with the softness and the force of a caress. There are no questions. Desire is more powerful than wisdom. And that’s why it is wise.


Created by: Susanna Barranco Actress’ direction: Toni Arteaga and Peter Gadish Interpreter: Susanna Barranco


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