Actress, poet, director and stage producer


She is a multidisciplinary artist who works in different artistic disciplines with a strong personal touch. Both her own creations and her work as an actress show a great visual impact and interesting plots. She lives her career as a constant search and relationship with the world in which she walks as a woman. After a strong education at the Col·legi del Teatre and the degree of Literature studies in Universitat de Barcelona, she works for outstanding theatre companies in Barcelona such as Comediants, Marcel·lí Antúnez and Delirio.

In 1999 she founded the company that is named after herself and worked together with different professionals to carry out her productions. Some of her most relevant stage productions are Mossegades (2005) and L’amor no fa mal (2009). She also works for nonfiction publishing companies such as Editorial Cruïlla on a regular basis. She published Cràter, a collection of poems, the book Digue’m una cosa bonica and the novel La autopista del amor (Ediciones B). For Susanna Barranco, creation becomes a tool designed to understand reality, a methodological scalpel that analyses her inner soul while she also analyses ours. Her works are always intimate and deep, their power is appealing and aesthetically captivating and thoughtful. They are the outcome of her life experience, her strong personality and her creative desire, which build symbolic scenes full of harshness, carnality, sense of humour, confronted feelings and a huge amount of tenderness surrounding the suffering and puzzlement that she has as a woman. As a documentary maker, she creates her own production company, La Barranco Films (, she has directed a number of documentaries such as Wounds, Voids, In Jonc’s silence, Fallen from the nest and Teresa Rebull, uprooted soul and Nude. She is currently working on the documentary From Knee to Heart, a work on the past and present career of the dancer Sol Picó.




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